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Become a sponsor

We need organisations from all sectors to support resilience and wellbeing in their local communities.

How it works;

Organisations sponsor a number of resilience and wellbeing modules on behalf of their own community. The courses are made available to individuals, community groups and charities to help promote new and healthier behaviours.

Benefits to the local community

Residents are able to access courses at a time place and pace that suits them

People learn valuable techniques to help them cope with the issues that affect them either as individuals or members of the local community.

Discovering the benefits of community development helps to strengthen community ties and foster a robust community spirit.

Online learning modules will inspire local initiatives and provide residents with the tools they need to organise local activities and go on to nurture resilience and develop wellbeing in the wider community.

Benefits to Sponsors

Sponsors are offered a free consultation to help them promote resilience and wellbeing within their organisation.

They can also promote their service with FREE branding on the local community learning portal.

Sponsorship, enables organisations to access our entire range of personal development and mandatory training titles at heavily discounted rates.

  • Mandatory Training
  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • A range of other e-learning courses.

Make a clear statement to your workforce, your clients, and the wider community:

‘We care about our community, and support them in developing resilience’.

To become a sponsor of the Embrace Resilience and Wellbeing initiative, contact us today on 0161 928 9987 or email info@embrace-learning.co.uk