Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can track all learner activity via our LMS. Among other things, it will tell you login times, progress through the course and results of online assessments.



Yes. You can access your courses as many times as you wish at any time throughout the 12 month lifespan of your licence.



Certificates are downloaded and printed by the learner rather than emailed. In some cases learners can only get their certificates from their employers.



There is a ‘Forgot Password’ function which allows you to reset your password on answering a security question chosen by yourself.



You have several options to purchase any number of courses. You can choose the package that suits you and then call or email us at embrace to complete the order.



The LMS is accessed by a simple logon screen using a username and password chosen by you.



They learn at a time, place and pace that suits them. They engage with the learning materials and test themselves along the way. This makes the course far more interesting and offers feedback to the learner. Having courses available 24/7 puts learners in control of their learning. They complete the assessment and then print their certificate.



It varies. Short courses generally takes 45 minutes to one hour. Some of the longer courses take up to five hours. Units on the courses are designed to last no longer than 30 minutes and we recommend that learners spend no more than half an hour at any one time without taking a break.



Here is a link to the system requirements for viewing all embrace-learning courses.



Yes we provide telephone support during normal business hours. Email support is also available out of hours.



Courses are accessible for one year from the date of purchase.



Yes. Blended learning is perhaps the most powerful use of e-learning.  However, all our courses are designed to be delivered as stand-alone courses and are fit for purpose without the use of classroom training.



No. Embrace can create bespoke courses but there is no facility for clients to build their own course on our LMS.