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Autistic Pride Day

The NAS describes those who are Autistic as having a

“lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them”.

What is Autistic Pride Day?

Autistic Pride Day was first celebrated by Aspies for Freedom in 2005. It quickly became prevalent across the globe. On the 18th June every year, individuals and organisations come together in a celebration of the neurodiversity of people on the autism spectrum.

Autistic Pride recognises the potential in all people, including those on the autism spectrum.

Who is affected by Autism?

Around 700,000 people in the UK are autistic. If you include their families, that’s around 2.8million people who are touched by Autism- just in the UK.

The National Autistic Society has more than 50 years’ experience and works to help everyone understand Autism, and accept and appreciate autistic people for who they are.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  around 1 in 68 children has been identified with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

Resilience and the Autism Spectrum

Genuine resilience is “one of the most potent weapons in an Autistic person’s arsenal of coping strategies”. People who are resilient are adaptive to change, more confident and more able to face a challenge.

Resilience is built through facing these challenges. But, it is important to remember that some may be too overwhelming, having a negative impact in the long run.

It is down to the parent/guardian to help build resilience from a young age. This can be done by setting small challenges that you know your child can overcome, without knocking their confidence. You can read more about setting challenges to help build resilience in a child on the Autism spectrum in this blog post.

Building resilience in young people means they will be better prepared for the challenges that they will face in their future; boosting their confidence and promoting independence.

What can Embrace-learning do?

Our e-learning course “Supporting People with Autism” explains what Autism spectrum conditions are, the impacts they have, and how people with Autism differ in the way they make sense of the world. Common difficulties faced by those with Autism are identified, along with techniques for helping them to overcome these.

We also have a course titled “Supporting People with Asperger’s Syndrome”. This examines how Asperger’s fits in to the Autism spectrum and how it affects the way people think and behave.

If you are interested in any of these courses you can get in touch on 0161 928 9987. Or, follow the links to see more details.

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