The People Development Network recently published some useful hints on workforce engagement and wellbeing. Here’s a summary of their suggestions:

Allow Experimentation.

Let creativity flow and problem solving skills develop. After all, it’s not the route of getting there but the end result that matters. Giving your staff the responsibility of their own workload and letting them manage their tasks themselves makes their day more satisfying. Satisfied employees are more productive. Without this responsibility, new ideas may never be shared. This could be costing you big-time.

Create Flexibility.

Some staff will become demotivated if they are sat at the same desk day-in day-out. Allow your employees the freedom of working from home, working in different environments or working flexible hours. Giving your staff the control over their time and place of work will make them want to stay working for you for longer.

Keep Culture at Your Core.

Embedding culture in to your business will motivate your employees. Time spent away from desks relaxing and socialising will keep your current staff happy. Not just that, it will make your company desirable when recruiting. Just look at some of the most successful business in the world and you will see that they really do make culture a priority.

Health is a Priority.

Encourage your staff to improve their general health and wellbeing. Little things like getting out of the office at lunchtime or providing fresh fruits and snacks are all helping towards improving and maintaining health of your employees.

Continual Development.

Keep your staff motivated and engaged with personal development plans. Let them use their creativity in working towards their goals and their passion for their role will show.

More and more employers are getting the message that workforce engagement can have a huge effect on the motivation of employees and ultimately the bottom line.

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