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Resilient Families

Course Description

A course for any parent looking to nurture confident and emotionally resilient children.
Before starting this course, you should first complete the Resilience and Wellbeing elearning course.
By the end of this course you will be able to help your child:
  • Bounce back when things go wrong
  • Understand the importance of making mistakes
  • Better manage disappointments and difficulties
  • Recognise ad talk about their feelings.
You will also know how to:
  • Use appropriate phrasing when questioning your child
  • Recognise the way your child learns from your behaviour
  • Avoid some of classic pitfalls when talking to your child.

Key Information

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Resilient Families
£ 12
  • Course Duration : 330 Days
  • Licence Types: individual, group, organisation
  • Learning Method(s) : Online

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