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Resilience & Managing Stress

Course Description

Stress may be a fact of life, but it shouldn’t be a way of life …
Left unmanaged stress has the capacity to weaken the immune system and escalate serious health conditions such as stroke, heart disease and stomach ulcers. This course offers insightful techniques which are designed to limit the negative effects of stress, reduce anxiety and build greater resilience into daily life.
Working through the course will help learners to acknowledge the pressures which most frequently create anxiety and negatively affect their inner sense of wellbeing.
Each unit offers helpful techniques designed to promote a more positive approach to change and periods of adversity.
This four-module course is an excellent resource for those with an interest in improving personal resilience and/or developing a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.
The expectation is that learners who complete the course will lose fewer days to stress related illnesses, enjoy greater social engagement and find a more productive work life balance.
Unit Titles
Unit One – How to use the course
Unit Two – Resilience and Stress
  • Define resilience and what it means to you
  • Explain how resilience can be developed
  • List key barriers to developing their own resilience
  • Identify common work stressors
  • List typical triggers for stress
  • Apply resilience building thoughts and behaviours to daily life.
Unit Three – Managing Stress
  • Recognise stress triggers and identify possible symptoms
  • Apply your own strategies for dealing with work related and non-work related stress.
Unit Four – Video Case Studies
Completion of all four modules and the associated assessment will take most learners approximately 60 minutes.

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Resilience & Managing Stress
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  • Course Duration : 330 Days
  • Licence Types: individual, group, organisation
  • Learning Method(s) : Online

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