Compliance Training

Legionella Awareness

Course Description

The information, guidance and resources provided in this course provide learners with the tools to recognise and control risks from exposure to Legionella Bacteria.

After completing the course learners will have a fundamental understanding of what Legionella is, where it is found, how it infects people and the symptoms and consequences of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease.

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Explain what Legionella Bacteria is
  • Understand the route of infection
  • Describe how suitable conditions for bacteria growth can be found
  • Identify who is responsible for the prevention of Legionella
  • Explain the reasons for Legionella sampling, cleaning, disinfection and chlorination

Key Information

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Legionella Awareness

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  • Course Duration : 330 Days
  • Licence Types: individual, group, organisation
  • Learning Method(s): Online


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