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Here at Embrace Learning we offer an extensive range of premium and competitively prices online health and social care courses, designed for people with an interest for caring for people and improving people’s lives. Whether looking to enter the health and social care industry, or simply looking to refresh your existing knowledge, these courses will be able to assist you greatly, providing you with the certificates that you need to succeed.

Acquired Brain Injury Awareness

This e-learning course, Acquired Brain Injury Awareness, has been developed in association with the British Institute of Disabilities (BILD) and Voyage Care.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Awareness of Alcohol and Substance Misuse

This e-learning course, Awareness of Alcohol and Substance Misuse, is broken down into four easy-to-follow units – an introduction and three study units.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Care Certificate

This e-learning course, The Care Certificate comprises an introduction and fifteen study units. It is intended for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) and Adult Social Care Workers (ASCW).

₤40.00  ₤18.00

Carer Awareness: Supporting Frontline Practice

This e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units and aims to clarify how carers can be identified and describe what being a carer entails.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Carer Resilience

This e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units and aims to help learners to identify and find resources, technologies and sources of support in order to prevent their caring responsibilities from becoming overwhelming.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Caring for People with Dementia

This e-learning course has been developed for anyone who is new to, will soon be involved in, or is currently involved in caring for someone with dementia, whether within the family or as a professional, either at home or as part of a team in a residential facility.

₤40.00  ₤18.00

Caring for People with Dementia - The Fundamentals

This e-learning course comprises three easy-to-follow units – an introduction and two study units. Unit 2 deals with Dementia Awareness, whilst unit 3 covers the Person-centred approach to the care and support of an individual with dementia.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Challenging Behaviour

This Challenging Behaviour course offers techniques which are designed to provide greater insight into the potential sources of common behavioural challenges and limit the harmful effects experienced by both carers and the cared for.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Compassion and Dignity in Care

This e-learning course aims to help carers to ensure that they carry out everyday tasks compassionately and in ways that protect and promote the dignity of the people they support.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Compassion and Dignity in Care - The Fundamentals

This free e-learning training course is aimed at people working in health and social care. It emphasises the importance of providing person-centred support compassionately and in a way that protects and promotes dignity.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Removing an individual’s liberty is a serious matter. As a practitioner in health and social care, you need to know what constitutes deprivation of liberty, what to do and who is responsible for making decisions.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Dual Diagnosis

Here are four stories about people with a dual diagnosis involving mental illness and drug misuse, including cannabis, heroin, crack cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and alcohol.

₤40.00  ₤18.00

End of Life Care - The Fundamentals

We hear all too often of cases where people have had to spend the final weeks or days of their lives away from family and friends, being denied the compassion, care and respect that they deserve.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Mental Capacity Act 2005

This comprehensive Mental Health Course comprises an introduction and six easy-to-follow study units. All the key aims and principles of this important legislation are covered, including the concepts of capacity and best interests, and the importance of the Code of Practice and how the courts become involved.

₤40.00  ₤18.00

Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Specialist Case Studies

In addition to the main course covering the Mental Capacity Act, a set of four specialist units has been developed specifically for practitioners working in the following settings: Mental Health, Acute Hospitals, Community and Primary Care, Residential Settings

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Mental Capacity Act 2005 - The Fundamentals

This e-learning course on the Mental Capacity Act has been developed in association with the Department of Health. Its purpose is to update anyone with an interest in the mental health sector with the provisions of the new Mental Capacity Act. 

₤20.00  ₤12.00

NHS Continuing Healthcare 2013 Update

This e-learning course contains three easy-to-follow study units designed to offer practical advice to managers and employers to help them prevent and deal with incidents of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

₤40.00  ₤18.00

NHS Continuing Healthcare 2013 Update - The Fundamentals

This e-learning training course has been revised to reflect the new NHS framework and structures created by the Health and Social Act 2012 effective from 1 April 2013.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Safeguarding Adults - Updated For The Care Act

Key changes in legislation regarding vulnerable adults, including the introduction of the Care Act 2014, have made this e-learning course essential training for those working as adult carers. 

₤40.00  ₤18.00

Safeguarding Children Including EHA

A comprehensive six-unit module, combining a legislative overview with day to day responsibilities for accurate information sharing, alerting and instigating early intervention.

₤40.00  ₤18.00

Self-directed Support - The Fundamentals

This Fundamentals course introduces learners to the basic principles of Self-directed Support, independent living and needs-driven care. Its aims include to define the terms associated with the subject, to describe the types of support services and payment options available and to help learners to explore the process of care planning and delivery.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

Supporting Carers at Work: A Line Managers' Guide

This e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units and aims to define what the term ‘carer’ means, the consequences of carers in the workplace not receiving the help and resources they need and how employers must identify and support carers by law. 

₤20.00  ₤12.00

The Care Act Unpacked: Frontline Support for Carers

This e-learning course comprises an introduction and three easy-to-follow study units and aims to introduce you to, and help you to understand, the changes to practice that will happen when the new Care Act comes into force in April 2015.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

The Care Act: An Overview

The Law Commission has reviewed the laws that affect social care. As a result, the new Care Act 2014, which comes into play in April 2015, will replace several statutes going back many years.

₤20.00  ₤12.00

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